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Hi I'm Bud and I'm a good boy. I'm a gentle giant...2.5 years old Great Pyrenees and I love the beach, trail runs, and guarding my family. My family loves calling me Big Guy. 

Owner Comment: "This toy is perfect for Bud. He loves to play fetch with it or just carry it around house gently as his precious baby. He shows it off to guests when they come over. We've yet to use the 2nd skin but I love that we have a backup whenever the 1st skin ever breaks."


Save time and money by purchasing our sets, which include skins and a scented ball! We paw-mise you'll get a bark for your buck!


With our toy in toy technology and stimulating scented balls, we always guarantee an entertaining experience for your dog.


Switch between our unique skins anytime! We offer everything from monsters to footballs so pick whatever your heart desires!