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Our Corporate Partners

We are in love with our Harker branded TuffToys! The design and quality is truly incredible. TuffToy made the purchase simple by presenting us with samples quickly and letting us pick our favorites. We were impressed with the seamless process and would not hesitate to order 500 more!

We recently used the Care Packages for a conference event. I was impressed by the creativity and quality in the toys, and believe they helped us generate excitement for our company and accumulate potential customers. I would recommend them to anyone looking to make a lasting impression at their next event! 

We recently took a batch of TuffToy goody bags to hand out at a corporate event. Not only did we attract more potential clients to our booth, but everyone had a great time interacting with a fresh take on company merchandise. It’s a breath of fresh air after handing out pens for years and we can’t wait to continue working with them!


Save time and money by purchasing our sets, which include skins and a scented ball! We paw-mise you'll get a bark for your buck!


With our toy in toy technology and stimulating scented balls, we always guarantee an entertaining experience for your dog.


Switch between our unique skins anytime! We offer everything from monsters to footballs so pick whatever your heart desires!